Improving Commission Management and Daily Cash Flow


Medipiel, a dermatology clinic, faced a significant challenge in their daily operations. They relied on a scheduling application to manage their appointments, but this tool was insufficient for their financial needs. Specifically, they needed a more robust system to handle commission tracking and daily cash flow reporting.

The Challenge

The existing scheduling application did not provide the necessary features and capabilities for Medipiel to effectively manage their finances. They lacked visibility into their daily collections, treatment records, and commission calculations. This lack of control and transparency was hindering their ability to make informed financial decisions and manage their payroll efficiently.

Our Solution

To address Medipiel's challenges, we designed and developed a customized web application that seamlessly integrated with their existing calendar application. This solution aimed to provide a comprehensive solution to their commission management and daily cash flow reporting needs.

Key Features of the Solution:

Data Integration: Our web application collected and consolidated data from the calendar application. This data included appointment information, treatment details, and payment records.

Enhanced Visibility: With the new application in place, Medipiel's entire team, including doctors, assistants, and the finance department, gained real-time visibility into daily collections, treatment records, and generated commissions.

Daily Cutoff Report: Assistants were now able to generate daily cutoff reports, providing up-to-date information on appointments and payments. This allowed for better tracking and monitoring of daily financial activities.

Bi-Weekly Commission Reports: The finance team used the daily cutoff reports to streamline the calculation of commissions. They generated bi-weekly commission reports, making the payroll process more efficient and accurate.


Improved Financial Control: Medipiel now had a robust system in place to manage commissions and daily cash flow effectively.

Real-time Visibility: All team members had access to the information they needed, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making.

Streamlined Payroll: The finance team no longer had to manually calculate commissions, reducing the risk of errors and saving time.

Enhanced Efficiency: Daily cutoff reports allowed for better tracking of financial activities, making it easier to identify and address any issues promptly.


Our tailored solution not only addressed Medipiel's immediate challenges but also provided a foundation for more efficient and informed financial management. Medipiel could now focus on their core business activities with confidence, knowing that their financial processes were well-supported by a reliable software solution.



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